Annual Fees                                 RM120

Monthly Coaching Fees

(4 Times - 2 Hr/Class)                RM560

Monthly Coaching Fees

(8 Times - 1.30 Hr/Class)          RM840

Monthly Coaching
Fees (8 Times - 2 Hr/Class)      RM1120


Australian Math

Open to children with learning difficulties!

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Math Junior


Annual Fees                                  RM60

Monthly Coaching Fees

(4 Times - 2 Hr/Class)                RM480

Monthly Coaching Fees

(8 Times - 1.30 Hr/Class)          RM720

Monthly Coaching
Fees (8 Times - 2 Hr/Class)      RM960

Lodestone’s Math Programme is specifically intended for students who would benefit from early intervention or whose    basic math skills are not as per expected standards as determined by the local education institution. Lodestone’s Math Programme will develop and strengthen Number Sense, Math Vocabulary, Math Fluency, and Problem Solving Strategies within 4 hour weekly one to one sessions. Students with need of help in basic number sense skills as well as those who rely on procedural understanding without conceptual understanding would benefit most from this program. Student will be challenged to apply their increasing understanding of number sense to novel problem, solving activities that challenge thinking and reasoning. Multi Sensory-hands on number sense activities, lecture, socratic questioning and inductive teaching to help strengthen cognitive functions will serve to be the core methodology.


  1. To achieve goals set by in the Education Plan within the time frame
  2. Assist child in better understanding numbers
  3. Assist child in better understanding mathematical problems
  4. Providing tools and skills to help solve mathematical problems
  5. Reducing Math Anxiety

In this dynamic intervention, student’s foundational math understanding and concepts will be strengthened while problem solving and thinking skill will be challenged,  all within an atmosphere where math anxiety is reduced.

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Mathematics is a complex area of curriculum. It requires a wide range of skills of distinct domains like Number Senses, Spatial Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Counting and Calculating. Most children find difficulty in at least one of these domains, while dyscalculic children often face difficulty in more than one of the above mentioned which disrupts learning and problem solving capabilities far more than the most children. 

There is a general agreement that about 5 - 7 % of pupil have dyscalculia (Shaleev, 2007). That on average 1.5 to 2.1 children in a class of 30 students in our local school. Dyscalculia is not about labelling your child of a specific difficulty, instead it is about recognising their difficulty in understanding or coping with mathematics far more than an average child does.


1. Enhance Learning Capacity

2. Identifying Math Difficulties

3. Basics of Math

4. Math Concept Development - Multi Sensory

5. Math Drills to enhance capacity.

We have had astounding results and testimonials from parents with regards to children's development. If you have or know a child with math difficulties of any sort, this session is a must!