Annual Fees                                  RM60

Monthly Coaching Fees

(4 Times - 1Hr/Class)                RM320

Monthly Coaching Fees

(8 Times - 2Hr/Class)               RM640


Art Exploration


Artist & Creator of Abstract Art Exploration™ Classes, Miss Parames Velautham, an acclaimed abstract artist who has been featured in various newspapers in Malaysia. She has infused the art of expression through paint, helping one discover the hidden potentials within oneself. She believes every adult and child has the power to express themselves through colour and art.


  1. Finer Motor Skills
  2. Observations Skills
  3. Better Communication Levels
  4. Enhancing Creativity
  5. Higher Concentration Levels
  6. Build Confidence and Balance
  7. Sharpen Cognitive and Intuitive Abilities
  8. Increased Awareness

In a world of rigidity, this will help expand the horizons of your child's thinking capacity!